Immersion – Worship Team
To be instruments of God’s Glory, creating an atmosphere of true worship.

What is the worship team?
The worship team is a worship leading group consisting of primarily vocalist and instrumentalist, (and occasionally dancers). The team leads worship for Youth Services every fourth Sunday morning and evening at 10:40 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. respectively. The media team is a standard part of this ministry. Practice is from 7:00pm to 9:00pm each Monday.
This ministry is about more than singing and playing instruments, apart from that we have interactive devotions, discussions, team building exercises and social activities so that we might be one in ministry even as God is one and that we might all be one together with God in all that we do.
Our Purpose:
You may know us as the worship team and that’s fine. However we have given ourselves a name to send a message and maintain focus. It is with this in mind that the name “Immersion”  inspired by the scripture John 4:24 was birthed; and by this our vision and mission which is “To be instruments of God’s glory, creating an atmosphere of true worship”. Therefore it’s about leading into a true worship experience through songs and exhortations.
How can you become a member? First there must be a willing heart and then the ability to sing or play an instrument or to coach vocally or instrumentally or direct or even if you don’t think you posses any of those abilities to what you deem a satisfactory level then maybe you have the desire to be trained in some area, all it takes is that first step of courage and commitment because you never know how God can take a thing which you thought was nothing and turn it into something you never thought it could be. I can testify to that in many ways and you could too in this regard but the question is, are you ready for the immersion? God is and so are we.
Therefore if you are interested in joining or assisting with our development, you can contact:
Worship Team Director
Kenny St. Cyr
Assistant Director
Nicholas Williams